About me?

My name is Cebanenco Stanislav and I am a Romanian graphic artist born in Republic of Moldova. I love vibrant concepts, (classic) graphics and illustrations. Also, I have a passion for tattoo culture and I am very interested and aware of the street art phenomenon.

The messages from my drawings, my art, in general, come from a deep analysis of my own thoughts concerning places and people surrounding me. However, my recent artworks reflect personal explorations of lost words, fabulous characters and even behaviors of tribal life. My feelings are mostly based on a visual perception, I can instantly picture a scene or the nature of someone in my mind. Sometimes, these "visions" haunt me and then I materialize them through drawings. I regard myself a volumetric drawer, I love drawing lines... creating a plot by playing with lines on paper, or any other suitable means of expression, such as skin.

About me? I wish to be a representative of the new generation. I strongly believe that Art has an underestimated power – people of all kind, even children (especially children!) should all be exposed to different art forms. I consider it to be a great honor to create something and then leave it behind me, to constantly keep the world beautiful and set us on an evolutionary trend … so, I'm giving to the world what I love. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I am a freelancer, willing to collaborate with other artists or galleries.

My Work

Here are a few concepts of my portofolio.


till 2014


If you are interested in my art-work, just write me a message.

Or send me an Email to: cebanencostanislav@yahoo.com